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High potency liquid LSD for sale at 300ug and 600ug potency for recreational uses and other personal uses. Liquid LSD(acid) with dropper available online.


What is LSD?

Looking to buy liquid LSD online? LSD, first synthesized in 1938, is an extremely potent hallucinogen. It is so potent its doses tend to be in the ug range. It’s effects, often called a “trip”, can stimulate and be mind-altering or it can lead to an unpleasant, sometimes terrifying experience called a “bad trip.”

In the U.S., LSD for sale is illegal and the DEA currently classify LSD as a Schedule one drug.More so that LSD has a high potential for abuse, has no currently accepted medical treatment, and has a lack of trial safety.

We produced liquid LSD in crystalline form and then mixed with other inactive ingredients. It can also be dilute as  liquid LSD for production in ingestible forms. It is odorless, colorless and has a slightly bitter taste. Liquid LSD for sale online like other psychedelics(DMT, Ketamine, Mushrooms) is made easy through our online psychedelics farm online.We provide top quality psychedelic products at cheap and affordable prices and low rate shipping costs.

Liquid LSD for sale is usually found on the streets in various forms, for example:

  • blotter paper – We soak liquid LSD onto sheets of absorbent paper with colorful designs; cut into small, individual dosage units the most common form.
  • thin squares of gelatin (commonly referred to as window panes).
  • tablet form (usually small tablets known as Microdots) or capsules.
  • liquid on sugar cubes.
  • pure liquid form (may be extremely potent).
  • Some people may inhale LSD through the nose (snort) or inject it into a vein (shoot it up). There is no way to predict the amount of LSD that is contained in any form consumed.

Potency of liquid LSD

There is no standard potency of a drop of liquid LSD. A single drop typically ranges from 50 ugs to 400 ugs, but could be lower or higher.

The manufacturer of liquid LSD will determine the potency of each drop, by controlling the ratio of crystalline LSD to the alcohol/water solvent used. For example, if a manufacturer wants a 125 ug dose from a single drop and one assumes a standard dropper bottle will dispense 0.05 ml per drop of LSD (this is a commonly used assumption), then one must mix a concentration of 125 ug of LSD per 0.05 ml of final solution.

The key fact is that a single 0.05 ml drop of solution from a dropper bottle consists of a specified amount of Liquid LSD and the rest is an inactive solvent. The strength of the LSD dose can be changed by increasing the ratio of LSD to solvent in the solution.

To get a desired dose, two conditions must be true:

(i) the liquid LSD solution is at the desired concentration (e.g., 125 ug per 0.05 ml).

(ii) the dispensing device consistently distributes the desired amount of liquid (e.g., 0.05 ml per drop).

Light Dose: 20 – 75 ug.

Common Dose: 50 – 150 ug

Strong Dose: 150 – 400 ug.

Heavy Dose: 400 + ug.

Buying untested LSD is risky as it could contain poisonous substances. Using an Lsd testing kit, it is easy to test LSD and get our acid tested from the vial.

How to Take Liquid LSD?

Many people who use LSD regularly prefer liquid acid to blotters and other forms of acid.When liquid LSD properly stored, it can last for many years, absorbs quickly and is easy to effectively split.Unlike ketamine, it can only be taken orally.

Most people prefer to have some food in their stomach, but only a light snack. It is important to avoid drinking water containing chlorine or other chemicals that will destroy LSD on contact. Even bottled water may contain these chemicals, so avoiding drinking water for an hour or so before tripping may be advised.

The simplest way to take liquid LSD for sale is to apply a drop to a sugar cube or on a spoon .Place in the mouth and keep it there until it absorb through the skin. LSD is rapidly absorbed under the tongue (sublingual). Sublingual absorption eliminates any concern around having food in the stomach that might slow absorption, or worse, having chlorinated water one’s stomach, destroying the LSD.

One should avoid putting liquid LSD directly from the bottle to your mouth to avoid ending up with two drops or zero drops, as it can be surprisingly challenging to see drops. Dispensing onto a medium such as onto a tea spoon reduces error. We always have two people watch when we distribute a dose, especially if re-dosing while intoxicated.

Avoid putting doses on anything too small, or medium that has no absorption, as in either case the drop may run off.

When distributing liquid LSD it is important to hold the bottle directly vertical, and to slowly and gently squeeze the bottle to get a uniform drop.

Where To Buy Liquid LSD Online?

We provide liquid LSD for sale made from Switzerland available for worldwide shipping at good pricing. Our shipping process usually takes within 2-4 days and the packages gets delivered in good condition. We make available other psychedelics for sale(LSD blotters, DMT, ketamine powder).Our liquid LSD is usually available in vials of different potency varying from 300ug to 400ug. The order is shipped out and made available for delivery.


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